Public Consultation


Following the thorough review of feedback, the design team recognised and very carefully considered the points raised to assess where these could inform and be incorporated into the evolution of designs.

Meetings were offered to local residents, groups and all with whom we had been in contact.  We held sessions with all those who expressed an interest; to inform, discuss progressing designs with and provide an opportunity to further engage.

The three issues identified were the focus of substantial design work and subsequent meetings.  These included:


August 13th – Spitalfields Trust – Elder Street

August 21st – Spitalfields Trust – Duggan Morris

October 29th – Site visit and follow-up session

Presentations with Q&A

September 1st – Spitalfields Society

September 3rd – Spitalfields Community Group and the Spitalfields Trustees

September 23rd – the residents of Elder Street

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Please click here to view the report prepared presenting all formal feedback received from individuals in the community.

British Land and consultation

Our Community Charter, adopted in 2011, outlines our commitment to earn local support by listening to local people, responding to their needs and concerns, keeping our promises and building trust.

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JUNE 2014 – JULY 2014

A number of design-focused events and a public exhibition introduced the initial proposals to the community and the general public.

Formal feedback was received on the proposals shown from neighbours, the wider local community, interested individuals, the Elder Street residents, the Spitalfields Society, the Spitalfields Community Group and the Spitalfields Trust.

All feedback received was carefully considered by the project and design team and published in two reports.

It was extremely clear from the feedback received that there were three key points for attention as the proposals evolved:

(i)    The residential Elder Street elevations
(ii)   The Blossom Street warehouses
(iii)  The building on the corner of Norton Folgate and Folgate Street, designed by Duggan Morris Architects

SEPTEMBER 2013 – MAY 2014

Meetings with local residents and groups gave us very early feedback on the community’s aspirations for development.  The need for careful consideration of the Elder Street Conservation Area and the character of both the immediate neighbourhood and Spitalfields was clearly communicated.

Areas of particular importance identified were the appearance of residential Elder Street, consideration of the Blossom Street warehouses and the demarcation between Norton Folgate and the Conservation Area.

In early 2014 we focused on both an in-depth study of the heritage assets and developing a better understanding of the local character, with the aim of informing the initial proposals to be taken to public consultation.

Engagement with local residents and groups in 2013 had identified the need for a deep understanding of this area, and further feedback reinforced this.

From the outset and reaffirmed early in 2014,
local residents and community groups identified certain areas that required specific attention. This included the appearance of the new residential block on Elder Street and consideration of the Blossom Street warehouses and the way in which the entry to the Conservation Area should be marked.